20 December 2010

Christmas Update and Maste Chef issue on HIV/AIDS in Greece

Hi everyone,

Christmas is coming... Hope you all have a great time with family (including friends who are family)... I am spending some time with family as well and hope to get some rest from all that is going on... I ‘ve finished my project called “Ο έρωτας θέλει trio” (= Love needs a trio), a music-theatre piece about different expressions of love and sex, discrimination of all kinds and human equality... It’s a piece for three voices (trio) and a piano... Hope to be able to present it soon ! [Special thanks to Kristi and Riana, for the feed-back !]

Still working on another theatrical idea called “I AM U

[ you can listen to the main song of this Theatrical idea on this page’s flash player [ download flash here ]. It’s the piece I have been using in 2010 for the presentation of my work in high-schools around Cyprus, under the program “Artists in Schools” of the ministry of education of Cyprus”. I will be posting some news with photographical and video material ... Stay tuned.

Another issue I’d like to address is something that came to my attention recently and concerns the TV-game “Master Chef” in Greece. These guyz conducted HIV tests on the potential players of this game, without informing the players and it seems that when one of the players turned out to be HIV+, they decided to announce the news to him (he already knew, thank God), and give him two choices: Either accept a discriminated attitude having him staying in different bedrooms, using different toilets and accepting the fact that other players would find out, or sign a paper and resign from his participation to this game. This happened last summer and it’s a good thing that the participant did not stay silent but reported it. I think he is a brave man and I hope everyone in a similar position can have the strength to report similar discriminated attitudes...

Please copy paste the code and add it to your facebook page or blog, and let people know about this!

Let’s not be content to merely survive BUT demand a better future, a better present, a better world...

For those of you that can understand greek, please see the following video:

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