18 June 2008

en: Dan Wilson's "Breathless"

Artist: Dan Wilson
Song: Breathless
Album: Free Life


I'm hunting shadows in the dark
And steaming jungles of the world,
Either to kill or to be killed,
By creatures never named or heard,

I'm lifting wishes to the stars,
The gleaming satellites of time,
Orbiting circles overhead
To futures when your love is mine,

But you were always pretty reckless with your love,
Come with the sun and getting restless when it's gone,
And when you go you leave me breathless and alone,
You leave me breathless,
When you close the door it feels just like you took the air out of the room with you,

Your voice is echoing again
Through catacombs inside my mind,
And I've been dreaming of revenge,
To make you love me more than even you can try,
All words converge to where you are,
If I follow I will surely find
The horse is gone, the fire's still warm
You've moved on a hour before,
You like to keep me just one step behind,

You were always pretty reckless with your love,
Come with the sun and getting restless when it's gone,
And when you go you leave me breathless and alone,
You leave me breathless,
When you close the door it feels just like you took the air out of the room with you,


[guitar solo]

Yeah, you were always pretty reckless with your love,
Come with the sun and getting restless when it's gone,
And when you go you leave me breathless and alone,
You leave me breathless,
When you close the door it feels just like you took the air out of the room with you,

Restless when it's gone,
Breathless and alone,
You leave me breathless,
When you close the door it feels just like you took the air out of the room with you,


What an amazing song!
Simplicity and beauty...
kappa MYSTA

17 June 2008

en: Doctor B's Performance - ENCORE...

I had heard so many things about Doctor Boulanger over the last couple of years, by my former Music Tech Instructor and friend Nassos Vynios, and finally I got the chance not only to meet with him but to be part of two of his performances which took part in Benaki Museum, Athens, as part of the Synch Festival, on 14th & 15th of June 2008.

I first met Dr.B last Friday afternoon (13th June 2008), when we had our scheduled rehearsal for the upcoming presentation & jam performance of "One Laprop Per Child" project. OLPC is an amazing project, which I can only feel honored to have taken a small part in its presentation to the greek public. A cheap (less tha 100$) laptop, developed for educational purposes of children of the world who cannot afford to get their hands on technology. Open source operating system and programs, all based on CSound, in a package which can resist to dust and heat, small and easy to carry around, yet powerful enough to connect to the net, do a number of tasks, all from writing texts to jamming with music software, equipped with a rechargeable batterie of a 12-hour-duration.

Spending time with Dr.B, during the rehearsals and the breaks we had to get something to eat, I found a serious man with a great sense of humor, a precise instructor with an ability to explain clearly and in detail what he had in mind.

For me, the amazing moment was when I attended the lecture he gave on Sunday, on CSound, just before the performance we all-four gave together (see picture below). His lecture was something else... Dr.B started talking to the audience in a slow manner, with a clear and a calm voice, so everyone in the auditorium could understand his american accent. His jokes brought the audience to some laughter every now and then, but he managed to maintain a high level of a presentation which on the one hand required the pre-involvement of the audience with technology, software and music programming, but on the other, it was presented in such a simple way that anyone with basic music & tech knowledge could understand the most of it.

For someone who is noticing details, Dr.B not only has an excellent knowledge of technology, but also is a skillful person when it comes to presenting stuff in front of an audience: he knew how to combine a piece of information he was giving to the public with the visual image of it [1]. He would zoom in and out on his MacBook Pro's screen so that the people watching the projected screen would follow on where and what he was doing. He would often move to the big screen himself (where the projector was showing his laptop's screen) and show by hand and in detail, what he previously had demonstrated through the OS's interface. When there was something important to state, he would lower the tone of his voice, as if he was whispering [2]. That way, the public would pay more attention to it. And when something would go wrong (or maybe not as expected), he would joke about it creating a lighter atmosphere... I loved the fact that his screen was prepared so that the public would see the active user name of the computer's home folder he was using, thus his full name clearly stated on the screen [3]. This way, he provided written information of his profile, serving a number of reason, such as someone making notes on his title and name (spelled correctly), or someone could write down his e-mail, or last but not least, someone wanting to address a question at the end of the lecture would have the name "ready to use" before his eyes. These are presentation skills which go beyond a fairly good presenter... This is what I call a communicational talent, a well prepared professional, a great professor, an amazing lecture... Dr.B gave a number of on-line web-links, enough for someone to get started.

From left to write:

Through this blog I would like to thank Nassos for inviting me to be a part of Dr.Boulanger's presentational and performance group for this act. It was an eye-opening experience in so many aspects. Time spent with Dr.B, Nassos and Costas, on and off stage, was just amazing!

Thank you Dr.B for your good words, for your instruction during these few days, for your lectures. You have made me a better artist, a better man.

by kappa MYSTA

11 June 2008

gr/en: Taking part in Doctor B's Performance

I am honored to be asked to contribute and help Dr.B's performances in this year's Synch Festival,  this weekend @ Benaki Museum, Athens.
If you are in Athens this time of the year, join us...

Saturday 14
Benaki Museum (Auditorium)
18.00 - Lecture (One Laptop Per Child) - ( In English / Greek )
Sunday 15
Benaki Museum (Auditorium)
15.00 - Lecture (Csound) ( In English / Greek )
17.00 - Performance (doctor B. presents Csound)

kappa MYSTA
ps. Thank you NassosV!

Διάλεξη για το “One Laptop per Child” από τον Dr. Boulanger. To “Ένα Laptop Για Κάθε Παιδί” (www.laptop.org) είναι ένας μη κερδοσκοπικός οργανισμός, δημιούργημα του Νικόλα Νεγροπόντη, μαζί με μέλη του Media Lab του MIT, προκειμένου να σχεδιάσουν, να κατασκευάσουν και να διανέμουν φορητούς υπολογιστές, των οποίων η κατασκευή είναι αρκετά οικονομική ώστε να επιτρέψει σε κάθε παιδί ανά την υφήλιο να έχει πρόσβαση στη γνώση και στις σύγχρονες μορφές εκπαίδευσης. Αυτά τα XO laptop είναι ανθεκτικά, ενεργειακά αυτάρκη ενώ μπορούν να τροφοδοτηθούν με ευκολία και χειροκίνητα, ακόμη και από ένα παιδί. Μέσω δικτύου τα laptop μπορούν να έχουν πρόσβαση στο internet χρησιμοποιώντας μόνο μια σύνδεση. Η προσδοκώμενη τελική τιμή τους είναι περίπου $100.
Ο σκοπός του OLPC είναι να δώσει σε όλα τα παιδιά του κόσμου τη δυνατότητα να εξερευνήσουν, να πειραματιστούν και να εκφραστούν. Το OLPC είναι ένα μέσο με σκοπό τον μετασχηματισμό της εκπαίδευσης. Αφορά στο να επιτρέψει σε όλα τα παιδιά να αποκτήσουν την δυνατότητα της εκπαίδευσης. Αφορά στην πρόσβαση, την ισότητα και το να δωθεί στην επόμενη γενιά των παιδιών του αναπτυσσόμενου κόσμου ένα λαμπρό και ανοικτό μέλλον.

Lecture by Dr.Boulanger about One Laptop Per Child (OLPC at www.laptop.org) is a non-profit organization created by Nicholas Negroponte and others from the MIT Media Lab to design, manufacture and distribute laptop computers that are sufficiently inexpensive to provide every child in the world access to knowledge and modern forms of education. These XO laptops are rugged, open source, and so energy efficient that they can be powered by a child manually. Mesh networking gives many machines Internet access from one connection. The pricing goal is $100.

Ένα «Csound5» εργαστήριο με τον Dr. Richard Boulanger (aka Dr.B., Καθηγητή Μουσικής Σύνθεσης στο Μουσικό Κολέγιο του Berklee και συγγραφέα του βιβλίου “The Csound Book”)
Ένα εργαστήριο που απευθύνεται στον καθένα και σε κάθε επίπεδο: από αρχάριους μέχρι γκουρού της ηλεκτρονικής μουσικής. Συνθέτες διαφημιστικών, παραγωγούς, καλλιτέχνες που ασχολούνται με τα remix, προγραμματιστές, συνθέτες και ερευνητές του ήχου. Το Csound5 αφορά τους πάντες και ο "Doctor B." υπόσχεται να σας δείξει πως να αντλήσετε όλη την δύναμη που κρύβει αυτή η εκπληκτική πλατφόρμα για να συνθέσετε τη δικιά σας μουσική. Όλα αυτά θα γίνουν με FLTK Opcodes, MacCsound GUI, χρησιμοποιώντας το Csound με δημοφιλή εμπορικά sequencer, real-time Csound, όργανα MIDI, OSCsound, streaming vocoder, Granular Synthesis, Scanned Synthesis, Spawning, σύνθεση φωνής, αλγοριθμική σύνθεση αλλά και συνδυάζοντας το Csound με εναλλακτικά όργανα ελέγχου όπως τα IBVA, wiiMote, P5-glove και το Mathews Radio Baton και πάρα πολλά ακόμη. Θα ρίξουμε επίσης μια ματιά στις ενέργειες του Csound, στους remixers, τα softsynths και όργανα σχεδιασμού του ήχου που θυμίζουν το Reaktor, καθώς και όλες τις εφαρμογές του Csound για παιδιά, έτσι όπως αυτές λειτουργούν στο OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) XO, το laptop των 100 δολαρίων!

A Csound5 Workshop/MasterClass with Dr. Richard Boulanger (aka Dr.B.), Professor of Music Synthesis at The Berklee College of Music and Author of The Csound Book
A workshop for everyone at every level: from beginning students to electronic music gurus - commercial musicians, producers, remix artists, programmers, composers, and audio researchers. Csound5 can do it all and "Doctor B" promises to show you how to harness the power of this incredible synthesis, signal processing, and performance tool - for "your" music. FLTK Opcodes, MacCsound GUI, using Csound with Commercial Sequencers, real-time Csound, MIDI instruments, OSCsound, Streaming Vocoders, Granular Synthesis, Speech Synthesis, Scanned Synthesis, Algorithmic Composition, Spawning, Using Alternate Controllers with Csound - the IBVA, wiiMote, P5-glove, and Mathews Radio Baton, and more, more, more. Plus, a glimpse at the Csound Activities, Remixers, SoftSynths, Reaktor-like Sound Design Tools, and the Masterpiece of Intuitive Algorithmic Sequencing and Composing - TamTam - ALL Csound5 applications for kids - running on the OLPC XO - $100 laptop!

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10 June 2008


adını bile soramam (even l cant ask your name)
maksadımı aşamam (i cant exceed my intention)
*i dont say much more thing which i dont want to say)
şiddetin meşru haline bakıp ağlayamam
(i cant cry looking violence's legal condition)
ne kadar güzel (how much it is beautiful)
ne kadar sıcak (how much it is hot)
ne kadar yakın (how much it is near)
o kadar uzak (that as much as far away)
şirket mirket anlamam (l dont understand companyor such like)
(l dont understand anything)
anlasam da anlamam (even l undeestand, i dont understand)
(even l seem that l understand it is not mean that l really understood)
bana saldırıyorsa (if they attack me)
gözünün yaşına bakamam (l cant consider their tears)(l dont pity)
adaleti sarmış kumandalı bir cinnet (commander insnaity surronded justice)
(means television(which has got commander) made us addicted to screen.)
vahşeti gördüm, korkmadım (l saw the wildness, i didnt afraid)
hasar yok içimde (there is no damage inside me)

maske takmadan üstüme gelmek zor muydu? (was it hard to come to me without mask?)
*are u afraid of to show your face?)
adı olmayanların sesi de yok mu? (dont they have a voice who havent got name?
(the people who are not VIP havent got a right to say sth,to talk?)

[mor ve ötesi's songs have very diffrent meaning under it.they are playing with words]

An amazing concept for a video clip..
a band I'm growing in love with. Very good!!
If anyone can contribute with a better translation from Turkish,
please contact me!
kappa MYSTA

And Their 'Eurovision 2008' entry, called DELI

09 June 2008

gr/en: "parisian breakfast" in Vienna

(photo by kappa MYSTA)
...και ένα πρωινό του Απριλίου, στη Βιέννη παραγγείλαμε το 'parisian breakfast'
Ποιός θεός να ξέρει γιατί;!

gr/en: Μάνος.........

Ο Έρωτας υπήρξε πάντα φανατικά συγκεκριμένος
Mάνος Χατζιδάκις

[Love's always been fanatically specific...